Corporate and Corporate Governance Law

Our Firm specializes and possesses considerable experience in corporate law, and in particular in the field of public limited companies, as well as in corporate governance law.
Indicatively, our Law Firm undertakes the following:

  • Establishment and legal advocacy of corporations (commercial and civil companies),
  • Drafting of corporate internal regulations,
  • Shareholder agreements,
  • Handling of legal issues arising from the drafting of corporate financial statements and reports,
  • Corporate finance,
  • Mergers and acquisitions,
  • Legal opinions on corporate and corporate governance issues.
Our Law Firm also provides services in the field of corporate reorganization and restructuring. More precisely, as regards the field of corporate governance, our Law firm possesses extensive experience and expertise in analyzing the legal framework and in handling legal cases regarding the operation, management and organization of public limited companies, as well as the implementation of corporate governance rules and principles, among of which are the following:

  • Operation of the board of directors of public limited companies (executive, non executive and independent members, specification of assigned duties, rights and liabilities, formation of special committees),
  • Exercise of shareholders’ rights (enhancement of individual shareholder’s rights, exercise optimization, improvement of active shareholders’ position),
  • Internal audit set up (specification and enhancement of internal auditor’s duties, enhancement of internal auditor’s independence, internal audit supervision system),
  • Compliance function set up of public limited companies (compliance officer role, post in the company’s organizational structure, duties/responsibilities),
  • Risk management function set up of public limited companies(separation from the rest of the company’s functions, risk manager duties/responsibilities),
  • Formation of the internal regulation of public limited companies
  • Compliance with the transparency rules and regulations as well as the determination of executives’ liability in accordance with the applicable legislation,
  • Adoption of remunerations policy as regards the executives of public companies and firms operating in the financial sector.